The Gods of Orium
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What Is A God?

A god, in the loosest sense, is a gestalt entity formed from raw magic and sometimes but not necessarily popular belief. In Orium, all gods that people believe in become manifest, due to the high concentration of magic that suffuses the entire planet and its people. However, while the power of belief is often strong enough, there are other ways for gods to come into existence.

It is believed that when one sacrifices themselves to the source of magic on Orium, they become one with the world and manifest as a new deity. Some scholars and philosophers hypothesize that this myth is just another facet of the belief that perpetuates gods. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that merging with the source of magic transforms mortals into gods. However, this practice is very rare, as the source of magic is understood to be an inherently chaotic thing, that sometimes takes away more than it gives back.

The Pantheons of Gods

As there are a large number of different races that live on and around Orium, there are a large number of different pantheons that one may choose from. Each god fulfills a role in holding power over a certain "domain" that embodies an aspect of the universe. Gods can have more than one domain, and gods from different pantheons may coincide.

The Universal Gods

There are only two entities that are understood as universal gods in Orium. A universal god is one that all members of all races recognize and accept as a god, and can be worshiped by all. They are, in essence, the most "popular" of all gods. It is theorized, but not known, that the two universal gods were the very first gods to ever be worshiped by the people of Orium.

The Human Gods

The humans who live on Orium have produced a number of their own gods, due to their propensity for believing in and spawning myths. Humans, in truth, are responsible for a large number of gods, many of which do not belong to their own pantheon. The Human pantheon includes only those gods that humans recognize as their "own," and also includes a small number of wizards or witches who's research took them too far and caused them to merge with the source of magic.

The Oskeric Gods

Though oskers are a relatively new race on Orium, they have had time enough to form a few gods of their own. Oskers are beings that resulted from a fusion of familiars, beings of pure magic, and the other races on Orium, mostly humans. Their makeup as a being made partially of pure magic gives oskers one of the highest magic aptitudes on Orium, outclassed only by fey and dragons.

The Chalcic Gods

The Chalcic gods are those worshiped by the fey and their descendants. Named so because they hail from the world of Chalcum which orbits Orium as its moon, the Chalcic gods are ancient gods that far precede any gods known to be worshiped on Orium. Though the power of the fey and in turn their gods has been weakening over time, the Chalcic gods were once magnificent and according to fey claims could easily have outclassed even the two universal gods, Chalcum and Perennium. Now, however, the Chalcic gods remain only as shells of their former selves. Aasimar are considered part of the Chalcic races for their connection to the heavens, and the interest they have garnered in the fey.

The Tainted Gods

The Tainted, as they are known by the fey and elves, are those Chalcic races who have been transformed by their stay on Orium. Outcast from ordinary society, the "tainted" race of drow sprung off of the race of elves and now live mostly deep underground in the Underdark, around many vermin and outcast races. The drow and their so-called "Tainted" gods are separated from the Undergods due to the fact that drow have a strong sense of individuality and typically do not adhere to anyone else's beliefs and would not allow themselves to be grouped into a melting pot.

The Draconic Gods

The gods of dragons behave differently from most other known gods. Dragons are beings inherently attuned to the source of magic, and show the highest level of magic aptitude observed among any race on Orium, outclassing even the fey. Dragons are as close to a being made of raw magic as one can get without that actually being the case. Thus, draconic gods are not spawned from belief nor from merging with the source of magic, and instead form due to raw power. Any mortal dragon can amass a large enough amount of magical power to transform themselves into a god and assert their dominance over the universe.

The Dwarvish Gods

The dwarves, though they live deep underground, are renowned across Orium for their prowess in smelting and forging. Brought into the limelight by the fey and the elves, the dwarves are now considered part of modern society, and their beliefs have been separated from the melting pot of the Undergods and refined into the new Dwarvish pantheon. Some remnants of ancient times remain in their beliefs, but for the most part Dwarvish gods are now considered to be among the most respectable of pantheons to worship and fit it nicely into civilized society.

The Undergods

The Undergods are those worshiped by all races that live underground or away from civilized society on Orium, many of which are deemed "vermin" or "outcasts" by the civilized and surface-dwelling races. These races either have small numbers or are not considered to be on the same level as other races. Culture and society found deep underground and on the outskirts of civilization is much more loosely organized, and thus the pantheon of Undergods exists as a melting pot for the beliefs of goblins, orcs, goliaths, tieflings, genasi, halflings, gnomes, and yuan-ti alike.

The Eldritch Gods

The Eldritch Gods are beings known to or created by the people of Orium who exist outside of reality itself. Scholars and philosophers on Orium have recently recognized that the reality around them is much larger than they had originally thought, and their findings spawned many myths of ancient horrors floating amidst the void, just on the outskirts of existence. Eldritch Gods are terrifyingly powerful, but their existence has not been concretely proven. It is theorized that most Eldritch Gods do not in fact exist and are only the result of gestalt belief, or that these gods are already dead and the terrifying power that believers can siphon is merely residual.

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