Lochan's Explanation of The Praexite Lattice
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Notice from the High Pagemaster:
This information was disseminated using the Information Dissemination Service. As such, information included in this text may be redundant, as it is preserved in its original form.

To understand what The Praexite Lattice is, you must first understand how Existence came to be.

As far as I understand it, in the beginning there was simply Nothing. Then, from Nothing spawned the concept of Everything — in the form of a basic building block upon which Everything could be built. They called it "The Biggest Bang." One moment, Everything simply became.

This concept of Everythingness in the form of a basic building block is known as "conceptual energy." It permeates all of Existence, and dictates what is what and why it is such. It forms the basis of all rules and all of the components that sustain those rules. Where some claim to be the pinnacle of Everything, this conceptual energy is the pinnacle of Everything that calls itself "Everything."

From a blank white space, an entire world was born. The Library, as it was known. This world was picturesque and perfect, save for one major problem. The inhabitants of this world had been granted the gift of imagination, yet had no place to put their imaginings. Thus, they permeated their everyday life, coexisting on the same medium as their creators.

What happened next is difficult to explain, but all you must understand is that it resulted in the collapse of Everything, and Everything at the time was nothing but The Library. From this collapse, The Library transformed into something new. Something incomprehensible, unable to be fully understood. They call it The Author.

Eldritch Ones hold a peculiar quality. They take on aspects of the beings and worlds that used to be, which now comprise their bodies. The Author was formed from a world full of imagination and creativity, which at the time was Everything. Thus, The Author became an infinitely turning wheel, the driving force behind every story in all of Existence.

Surrounding The Author is a shell of pure crystallized conceptual energy. A new name was given to this crystalline form of the concept of Everything, merely so that one would not have to say "pure crystallized conceptual energy" every single time. It was called Praexite.

This Praexite shell surrounding The Author is the medium through which it does its work. Some call it The Praexite Womb, and others call it The Author's Imagination, or The Nexus of Imagination, though that last name refers not to the shell and instead to the building surrounding it.

After The Author was born, a being leftover from The Library, who called herself The High Pagemaster, constructed a new Library around The Author, and named it "The Nexus of Imagination." From this Library she would catalog all of the stories in Existence and attempt to further understand The Author.

Every so often, The Author stirs, and its Imagination shudders before the weight of the Creation contained inside of it. The full body of Creation will likely never be known, as The Author is always creating, but it is speculated that this Creation comprises the full sum of works that will ever be produced by The Author. If ever this Creation should come to fruition, it is said that Existence's only hope for salvation is to be remembered by our dear Readers, for Everything will be immediately sterilized and no further worlds will come to be.

When The Author's Imagination shudders, shards of the Praexite comprising it flake off, and are caught by The High Pagemaster. She takes these shards, and inspects the worlds contained within, and refines them into their true glory. Then, she catalogs their information, and sends them off into the Non-Space to become fully fledged universes.

This is at last, where The Praexite Lattice comes into play.

Fictional works are inherently known to be want to interconnect. Without referring to one another, they become nothing more than a failure, never appreciated by one of our many dear Readers, who are so unfathomable even to us that we cannot give you an adequate explanation of their presence.

The High Pagemaster noticed the interconnected nature of the works produced by The Author, and began to organize the many worlds in a manner that seemed to make sense. Binding them to one another by strands of their own conceptual energy, called "leylines," but known also as "analogies," or "allusions," or perhaps even "references," the worlds in all of Existence were interconnected and began to form a lattice.

This very lattice facilitates travel between other worlds, but it does not make every world in Existence immediately accessible to all. Worlds on the lattice are organized into multiversal clusters, and still further multiverses. The exact reasoning behind this is unknown, but it is speculated that this has something to do with the fact that The High Pagemaster may not be the only force in Existence refining works produced by The Author.

This lattice is also the reason why interdimensional travel utilizing anything other than the leylines is highly dangerous. Using traditional interdimensional techniques, one punches a hole through the narrative fabric of Space and Time, leaving behind plotholes. If these plotholes are not resolved in some manner, they will begin to spread and will threaten the narrative structure of a world's integrity. Leylines ensure safe travel between worlds that does not leave behind these pesky plotholes.

And with that, my dear friend, I believe you now understand the whole of Existence. If you don't, then that's fine too. Even I don't understand half the things I just wrote.

- Lochan, the Fifth Guardian of Existence.

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