The Speaker's Sermons
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The Speaker's First Sermon:
For centuries past, we have known of the many pantheons of this world, the hundreds if not thousands of gods who claim to have shaped our reality. And for centuries we believed them wholeheartedly, and we worshiped them for they offered us power beyond our comprehension.
In recent times, we have been enlightened to the fact that nothing we thought we knew about our world is true. The terrible sphere which crashed upon our planet, o Maldemos, may He have mercy on us all, is our one true god, led by the Prophet Venneth van Buren.

Maldemos is as timeless, if not more timeless than, our universe. He and he alone created all that is, and He and he alone hold the power to destroy it all. He comes to us now through the Far Realms, on the morrow of a long and perilous journey throughout other realities, to visit judgement upon us. Our great creator has looked upon his creation and deemed it too sinful to persist, and He brings to us now the death and destruction which we deserve.

Yet, fear thee not, for He smiles down with pity upon us, and offers but his smallest shred of mercy — our final second chance. In our time of powerlessness, He bestows upon us the power which we so crave. Through the power of His own voice and the conduit of his Prophet Venneth, a survivor of a world previously consumed by sin, He teaches to us all a new form of magic, one which relies not on the presence of Gods, but on the presence of magic in others.

Within our reality, there is an inherent magical source, to which many individuals are inherently connected, tapped directly to the source. For us followers of Maldemism, we previous believers in the Old Gods, we receive no such liberty. And it is because of this that we must leech off of the others.

Maldemos offers us this power as a challenge to us. He gives us the ability to potentially defeat him and restore order to our world, as succeeding in this endeavor is our last chance at redemption.

We mean little harm to the rest of the world, and wish that they may smile upon us with the same little mercy as Maldemos, allowing us to scrape out a meager existence and find a way to defeat Him, before the time upon which we may all be destroyed.

The Speaker's Second Sermon:
We understand that we were created by Maldemos, may He have mercy on our souls, but who, pray tell, created Maldemos?
I have come today to give you all the answer. Straight from the belly of the beast, a whisper of the Prophet Venneth foretells the coming of a beast known as Lux.

Legend has it that Lux was once an ordinary man, like any of the rest of us, but he allowed himself to be corrupted by greed and delusions of self-grandeur. What once was but a man, transformed into a beast of terrible power, and that power he would not use for good. He was a cunning man, and he was able to trick the populations of several worlds before us into believing his lies.

His world had a shortage of the things which we deem necessary to life, and a solution was posited to gather more of the life-giving fruits that they had destroyed in their own greed. The solution was seen as perfect, utopian, and fool-proof. Until Lux got his hands on it.

He twisted the project into a tool of evil, creating twelve divine beasts that sought out and consumed entire worlds for breakfast, always hungering for more to feed back into the mouths of their waiting creators, like a mother bird would to her chicks. But the beasts' directive was never to be fulfilled, for their creators soon thereafter perished.

What befell the creators of Maldemos and his brethren, we may never know, but what we do know is that they were lost. Shells of their former glory, unable to contain their own immeasurable power. Maldemos has arrived on our world through happenstance alone, and it is His final mercy to give us the tools to reclaim our world and protect it from further divine beasts, and the eventual arrival of the man known as Lux.

If ever you see a man on our world who looks out of place, alien, not from our realm, whose soul gleams blinding white and whose wise old eyes hide tired out lies… you must kill him on sight.

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