Unique Materials in The New World
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The New World has a number of materials unique to it, leftover from the dreamlike state of The Old World.

Oneiruminum: Oneiruminum is a light but durable metal, similar to aluminum, produced naturally during dreams. It normally has a soft and fluffy texture, and when sleeping near it it can cause an increase in the number of good dreams a dreamer has. However, it is also affected by emotions, and can become an isotope called Oneiruminum-73. This isotope is normally hard and spiky to the touch, and causes a drastic increase in the number of nightmares a dreamer has.

Possiblastic: Much like plastic, except that it is biodegradable and edible. It spawns naturally during the delirious state between consciousness and unconsciousness that one finds themselves in every morning.

Psylk: Woven from threads of the residue left behind by the legendary Dream Worm who sometimes visits our dreams, psylk is the softest natural fabric known to The New World.

Lucidite: A precious metal formed during lucid dreaming. It is farmed in high quantities at Lucid Dreaming Centers, where volunteers sign up to have lucid sleep induced and get a restful and eventful night of sleep. The largest incentive is that a lucid dreamer is allowed to take with them a small percentage of the lucidite they produce, and it is highly valuable.

Narcogen: A naturally forming gas with incredibly potent soporific effects, narcogen is the best remedy to insomnia. When inhaled in high quantities, narcogen can easily induce lucid dreams. Unfortunately, the gas is very rare, and most natural sources are under the control of Lucid Dreaming Centers around The New World.

Sacrium: A lime green fluid coveted by all. It is called "the stuff of dreams," and was a major point of contention during many of the wars in the Old World. The last remaining stock of Sacrium is in storage at the National Old World Museum.

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