A Pillar Standing Above All
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As sentient beings, we are obsessed with layers. Nothing can ever be simple, or we shall see it as shallow, empty, and unfulfilling. Despite how useful this piece of information may be even without additional lore attached to it, we always crave more. This is a harsh reality that a Guardian learns to accept. How we react to this reality, is up to us.

The Guardians of Existence serve perhaps one of the most useful roles in all of Existence, excepting all but The High Pagemaster herself. We protect all that there is to be protected, from that which would seek to destroy it. The only reason you, lowly mortal, are reading this, is because of the diligent work of I, Duocanthria, or perhaps another Guardian of Existence.

To me, it seems that a Guardian does not need any further explanation, no further layers. We exist as mere tools of reality, and we serve a valuable job. That should be where it stops.

But it does not. And thus, I shall begrudgingly explain the layers of what makes a Guardian.

Let us begin first with the particular abilities of a Guardian. We are the most powerful beings that have ever been. Some of us boast that we may be even more powerful than The High Pagemaster, as she enlists us for her protection from the Eldritch Ones, but I am humble enough not to fall to such hubris.

But the power we have may not be the kind you expect. Traditional power is known as the kind that destroys, the kind that embodies overwhelming adversary with the strength to annihilate. It is the mangling and brutalization of creation itself. Our power does not derive from sheer strength nor force of will.

The Guardians of Existence's power comes from the fact that they are an exception. An exception to all rules. Guardians are not affected by forces which alter the very nature of reality, nor can their minds be harmed or changed in any manner. We exist in a constant, unchanging state.

The body of a Guardian cannot be destroyed in any circumstances, unless it is willed so by The High Pagemaster or the Guardian themselves. Guardians do not adhere to the normal rules of linear space and time, and can appear in as many different points on the space-time continuum of Existence as they please.

The final, and perhaps most terrifying exception that the Guardians hold, is that we ignore the laws of mortality and immortality. Regardless of how many protections you have denying your death, a Guardian can slay any immortal just as easily as if they were mortal. We are the final arbiters of Existence itself.

How one becomes a Guardian is a tricky question. Some Guardians are simply created by The High Pagemaster. Some are spawned from nothing at the same time as an Eldritch One, a string of fate tying the two together.

Many Guardians were once gods, or perhaps even mortals, who were legendary warriors who outshone the prowess of their entire multiversal cluster. Some still are legendary heroes responsible for the slaying of countless minor Eldritch Ones, and elevated to a higher position to continue their work on a grander scale, taking on the real threats.

Perhaps the quickest and most surefire way to become a Guardian is to best a retired Guardian in combat. As Guardians cannot die, and their bodies can never be destroyed, you might imagine that our jobs are a tireless one, and that we never become fatigued. However, you would think wrong. There is no rule that can be instated that would prevent the exhaustion that comes from such grueling work.

And thus, several Guardians eventually become tired of their jobs, and step down to the mortal realms to host universe-wide competitions. They lower themselves to the status of a God, or perhaps even a mortal, and allow contestants the chance to beat them in an honorable fight, the prize being the inheritance of the role of a Guardian of Existence.

I, Duocanthria, was once a legendary warrior. I slew the twisted figments that plagued Y-Phi-1, and the ones that plagued Multiversal Cluster E-6-Sovir, and was even responsible for slaying The Maw itself, and when that task was complete I was visited by The High Pagemaster herself, who offered me a choice.

As I had become too powerful, and too exhilarated, to ever return to a mortal life, I accepted her offer. I slew hundreds more Eldritch Ones out in the great expanse of the Non-Space, and eventually, through my prowess in battle, was awarded retirement in the form of becoming The High Pagemaster's most prized bodyguard.

I am the final hurdle which all threats must come through. While the Guardians of Existence are the final arbiters of reality itself, I am the final arbiter of the Guardians of Existence.

I am a pillar standing above all.

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