An Art Out Of Nothing
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I could make an art out of nothing.
It wouldn't be very hard.

You would come to my art exhibit, filled with excitement to observe my latest piece.
It had been hyped up for months as something that would completely knock your socks off, but the marketing team has kept very hush-hush about what it actually is.

You figure, the suspense is going to be worth it. We, as people, love to wait for a big payoff. We'll wait for years for something if we hype it up enough in our heads.

Finally, the day of the exhibition comes and you enter my studio.
You are dismayed when you and all of the other guests realize that there's… nothing here.
No artist, no artwork. It's just a blank, white room.

You think, well, maybe it's a trick. Maybe there's something hidden that we're supposed to find, and that's where the real art will be.
So you waste your time searching, every nook and cranny, and you find… nothing. There is absolutely nothing in this blank white room and you just wasted an hour or two of your life searching for an art piece that isn't there.

You leave feeling rather dismayed. You spent months waiting for this, and the tickets cost so much. You feel scammed. Scandalized.
So you get on your phone and you call the owner of the establishment. You ask for my lawyer, the complaints department, whatever works.
Instead, they tell you they're going to forward your call directly to me.

You get nervous. Why would they be forwarding your call to me, the artist, when you wanted a lawyer?
You're not supposed to speak to the artist directly when you have a complaint, no, you're supposed to tell someone else, someone who can take legal action and defame me, cause me to lose my job, ruin my life.

You decide however, that it doesn't matter, you're angry enough that you could tell me to my face how upset you are over what I've put you through.

They patch your call to me, and you tell me how scammed you felt by my art exhibition.
You ask me, did I mean to do this? Was it my intention to scam you, to deceive you? Do I think this is some kind of joke?

And I tell you, yes my dear friend. You were scammed. You were deceived.
You tell me in anger that you're so upset you waited for months to see that art piece only to find there was no art there.

I tell you, hold on now. Back it up a moment. You may have been scammed and deceived, but that doesn't mean there wasn't any art there.
Confused, you ask for clarification. How could you have possibly missed the art there? Why didn't you find anything after searching for so long?

And I tell you, that is because I made an art out of nothing.

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