Birth Of The Shinari
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In the beginning, the Universe was nothing but Turmoil. A primordial chaos known simply as The Hux embodied everything that there was.
And so, for a timeless time, the chaos roiled and churned, ceaselessly crashing over itself and rippling throughout the void. It seemed that this would be all there would ever be to existence.


Floating among the Hux was a body. Dead or alive, it could not be said for sure, but it existed, and was not yet conscious. The body floated on top of the waves of chaos for a further timeless time, and for what seemed like forever and lasted no time at all, nothing happened. But then, from the chaos, something strange occurred through happenstance alone. A particularly heavy wave washed over the body, and a spark suddenly ignited.

The body was suddenly conscious of itself, and the chaos surrounding it, and thus the First Shinari1, Shenshinar, was born.

Shenshinar was confused, having only recently woken up, but soon became panicked as something else ignited from the spark in the waves of Hux. As soon as their mind had become conscious, it splintered, and from all the bad of Shenshinar's mind was created the Second Shinari, Drecmos.

Drecmos curled around Shenshinar and whispered into their ear, telling them horrible lies about how the Hux would soon consume them both and the Universe would return to its natural order of disorder. Shenshinar was the first being to ever harbor a fear of death, though death itself did not even exist at the time.

And so, Shenshinar shooed Drecmos away, and became resolute in a plan to protect themselves, and therefore all of Creation, from the Hux. Shenshinar soon noticed themselves fading away, as there was no medium to exist in except for the Hux. Steeling themselves, Shenshinar gathered up all of the Hux remaining inside of their body, and turned it into something new.

From the Hux, Shenshinar created the first of the mediums of existence in our Universe. From Shenshinar's very body, the Third Shinari was born — Astrahina, the embodiment of Space. Astrahina soon thereafter worked to create the fabric of Space, which she wrapped her creator's body up in, protecting them both from the Hux.

There was still something missing, though. A medium to protect now existed, but there was nothing to protect but formless energy. Something needed to happen to cause the energy to progress into something else. Shenshinar thought hard, and from their mind, the Fourth Shinari was born — Kenshi, the embodiment of Time. Kenshi soon began to work alongside her sister, Astrahina, and together weaved the mediums of Space and Time, creating the Kenastra.2

Together, Kenshi and Astrahina created a beautiful tapestry. But, Kenshi soon grew displeased with the stagnant nature of the Universe, and convinced their Creator to allow more Hux into the Universe, bringing about change and creating the Sisters of Time. The Sisters of Time, however, were not Shinari, and became a new kind of creation known as Venari.3

When nothing continued to happen, all of the current Shinari took it up with their creator, Shenshinar, pleading for them to create something new that would give their universe more color. Swayed by the sorrow in their children's voices, Shenshinar obliged, and from their heart, the Fifth Shinari was born — Echeleus, the embodiment of Life. Soon thereafter, Astrahina gave birth suddenly to the Sixth Shinari — Calomnus, the embodiment of the Elements.

Calomnus and Echeleus soon came to fancy one another, and together created countless children from which the elements that make up our universe are forged. Astrahina taught each of their children how to be, and Kenshi taught them how to change and grow, and the two Shinari got the many new Venari of the Elements to work, weaving their own beautiful additions to the Kenastra.

Calomnus and Echeleus filled the Universe with life and beauty, creating Venari who would be avatars of Echeleus' life-giving powers. The avatars of Echeleus in turn created a new kind of creation known as Mortari.4 However, the Mortari did not know how to think for themselves, and were controlled like puppets by Echeleus. Their natural instincts caused them to reproduce, and after no time at all, the Universe was full of Mortari. Not Kenshi nor The Sisters of Time could do anything about the problem, no matter how much time passed for the Mortari. Something would have to be done about the epidemic before the Universe collapsed under its own weight.

Shenshinar cried tears of frustration at their beautiful creation's collapse, and from their heart also, the Seventh Shinari was born — Carteleus, the embodiment of Death. They soon set about the purpose for which they were created, purging the Universe of the Mortari and restoring the balance of the creation. However, the Universe was soon filled again, as the Mortari, still mindless, continued to reproduce. Overwhelmed by the task at hand, Carteleus laid a curse upon Echeleus such that every avatar of life she would give to birth to from then on would have a corresponding avatar of death created, to help maintain the balance of life and death.

The final Shinari to be created were born at once, from the left and right halves of Shenshinar's brain. The Eighth Shinari — Galta, the embodiment of Justice and Truth, and The Ninth Shinari — Wynshyr, the embodiment of Chaos and Trickery. Galta and Wynshyr gave the Mortari minds and morality, and with this final piece, the birth of the Universe was complete.

The nine Shinari lived ever in peace, knowing that their work was now done, and their avatars and the aspects of their influence continue to exist, carrying out the timeless tasks which they embody and created.

Shenshinar lives on to this day, spurred on by the well-wishes of their children, their children's children, and all of existence as a whole.

The Hux continues to broil outside of our Universe, and sometimes trickles in to bring about changes in our lives, but luckily, due to the hard work of our Shinari, we are safe from the overwhelming chaos.

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