Interactions Between The Aurastian Empire and Taurion
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Notice from The High Pagemaster:
This documentation appears to be a transcript of a news broadcast from Universe C-Phi-9.

In recent years, interactions have taken place between the Empire and a lone planet some million lightyears away named Taurion.

This planet was previously unheard of and would likely have gone undiscovered by the Empire if not for a little something called "Project Enrichment."

The project details the construction of metallic constructs affectionately designated "Planet Crushers."
These "Planet Crushers" were initially ordered to seek out and destroy forming exoplanets for their resources, as this was seen as an ethical method of obtaining new resources for a civilization who had far outlasted their planet and long ago expended its natural resources.

Planet Crushers were never observed in the vicinity of the Empire until recently it seems that new orders were issued to all units to "seek out and destroy any and ALL planets, without regard to the presence of life."

Shortly thereafter, a Planet Crusher entered the perimeter of the Aurastian Empire and successfully destroyed two planets (Val'hyum and Cycarion) before it was met with retaliation from the full brunt of the Empire's military forces.

No weapons the Empire had were capable of making a dent in this foreign threat. A new order was given to all Aurastian Warships; activate portal generators and initiate procedure "Out of Sight, Out of Mind", an order that dictates that enemies that cannot be dealt with with our current level of weaponry are to be sent to another universe. This is typically achieved by Warships attempting to open transuniversal portals in the path of the entity and hoping that it does not evade.

After a couple months of attempts, an Aurastian Warship was able to open a transuniversal portal on the Planet Crusher and send the entity to a random universe. What became of it is of little matter to us.

The only further interactions with Taurion are as follows;

Reports have been received claiming that a native Taurionian hijacked an Aurastian Warship and made off with its portal generator. What he did with it is unknown, and his whereabouts have not been confirmed.

Shortly after the incident with the Planet Crusher, a full army of Aurastian Warships backed by two Motherships were sent to Taurion to initiate a full-scale war, with the intent of eradicating all life on the planet. The results of this mission have not been confirmed.

Dark days are upon us, folks.

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