Position of Mourning
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"This place gives me the creeps, Weir. We should turn back…" muttered Yun.

"Oh, hush. What's going to hurt us in a dark cave?" replied Weir, as they used Yun's hands to brush aside long strands of something black which was blocking their path.

"I don't know, I just feel like we shouldn't be here." said Yun, from the back of Weir's mind.

Unfortunately for Yun, Weir was now choosing to ignore her, pushing forwards into the thick brush of black strands that stood in their way. There seemed to be no end to them, and Weir began to grunt in frustration as they pushed further and further past these incredibly fine and incredibly long strands.

"For God's sake, how much of this is there?! What even is this stuff?"

"Hey, Weir…" interjected Yun.

Weir continued to ignore her.

"I swear, this stuff must go on for miles. How long have I been pushing through this, like, five minutes? Maybe I should take a break and try to identify this substance, but honestly, I don't really care."


"Ach! I got some of it in my mouth! Disgusting. Not that robots can taste anything, but still, I'd rather not go putting foreign substances in my mouth."


"What?!" shouted Weir, as they were forced to acknowledge their headmate.

"It's my body, you know. You oughta be listening to me on what we should do with it." asserted Yun.

Weir rolled their eyes.

"Hey, don't you roll your eyes at me, I felt that."

"FINE, Ms. Bossy-Body. What do you propose we should do, then?" spat out Weir.

"Well, I would have had us go back if you would have let me five minutes ago, but now we're too far through this brush. I think for now we should just continue pressing forwards. And that you oughta at least acknowledge me from now on."

Weir rolled their eyes again.

"Yeah, yeah, fine. Onward we go."

"You know, if you keep acting up like this, I can just blow us both up."

"I said fine. Let's go."

And so, the one body and the two minds pressed ever further into the thick strands of black something.

"Oh Idolis, we're finally fuckin' through!" shouted Weir, as they stumbled ahead into a very large cavern.

"Language, Weir." commented Yun, as she took a backseat on the optic sensors and observed the cavern ahead of them.

"Woah… what is this place?" said Weir, as they turned around, taking in the full brunt of the cave.

Weir was like an ant in a mansion as compared to the immense size of this cavern. Around them, stalagmites and stalactites grew from every nook and cranny, and several waterfalls fell from a ceiling that must have been at least a mile up. However, the most curious part of taking in this cavern, was when they turned back to observe the thick black brush they had just waded through.

From the base of the brush, Weir and Yun's LED-lit eyes followed and stumbled across a large blank space of white metal, underneath which was two protrusions of more of that black brush, underneath which were minute bumps on the surface of the metal, and then a large bump with two holes at its bottom, and at last, an even larger bump with a hole in the center, slowly opening and closing.

Following that was a long bent pole of more white metal, leading all the way to the wall of the cavern, where it connected with what could only be described as a very large black box. From that box came four more protrusions of white metal; two from the sides, and two from the bottom.

The most unmistakable parts of this curious sight were the massive hands and feet attached to the end of these protrusions.

Sitting in the cavern with them, was another robot, their head hanging and their hair brushing against the floor, more massive than anything they had ever seen.

"AAAAAAAAH!!!" screamed Weir.

"Hush, Weir!" shouted Yun, from inside their mind.

Weir nodded and clasped their hands over their mouth, still screaming silently into them.

Yun continued to study the robot before them, observing the slow rise and fall of their head and their torso, and the slow partial opening of their mouth.

"It's fine, Weir. Whoever they are, they seem to be asleep." she concluded.

Weir garbled something into their hands.

"Take your hands off your mouth."

Weir took their hands off their mouth.

"They're asleep? Thank the Head Overseer, I thought we were going to die! Look how huge they are!" exclaimed Weir.

"Yes, they are quite large. Even bigger than any of the models the Head Overseers used. Who would build such a huge robot, and how? And why are they tucked away inside this cavern?" speculated Yun. She continued to mutter further thoughts and theories to herself.

"Augh, quit your thinking up there! This body's only got enough processor speed for one and a half minds, I don't need your big thoughts taking up all of our RAM." griped Weir.

"Sorry." muttered Yun.

Weir scratched their head as they pondered the robot before them, thinking about what to do.

"Should we… wake them up?"

"I don't see why we would." responded Yun.

"What if they eat us?"

"I don't see why they would." responded Yun.

"Then why don't we wake them up?"

"I don't see why we couldn't." responded Yun.

"But you just said—"

"Sorry. I got stuck doing that bit again. Anyways, while I am nervous I think we might be able to gain some valuable information from them if we woke them up."

Weir nodded, and the two thought about how they would wake up the slumbering giant.


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