Rudimentary Pocket Dimension
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November Aurastos strode with contempt into the gateway the engineer had opened before him. Today was the day that the Aurastian Empire's clamoring for new scientific discovery caused by its bicentennial Innovation Fair would come to an end. Here was the ruler of the galaxy, judging a lowly peon's work. The sniveling man before him had better hope it was worth it.

As he stepped into the space, the engineer bounced ahead of him, and adjusted his glasses. Without further ado, he launched into his monologue.

In a whiny tone, he explained:

"I would advise you to keep in mind that the space you are currently occupying is artificial and hence, extremely unstable. You may experience any number of glitches resulting in adverse effects that could very easily lead to your death.

The exact nature of the technology we are using to open this pocket dimension works on the basis of siphoning energy off of microscopic wormholes in order to punch open an area of negative space nestled within the manifolds of the space-time continuum.

An essential law of the universe that we have since discovered after the advent of this technology is that the fabric of space is remarkably resilient to any tears, holes, or other such imperfections. The energy of the microscopic wormholes should prove sufficient to hold the space in existence indefinitely, however, the negative space we have opened is constantly under siege, and experiences many glitches in its make-up.

Essentially, the universe is trying to violently cram superglue into the hole we have opened within its delicate handiwork. I would not advise you to spend an extended period of time within this pocket dimension if you would like to not be squashed into non-existence or stretched across a thousand light-years."

November stroked his chin and nodded along, as though he had been listening. The engineer smiled hopefully up at him.

"So, what do you think, sir?" he asked.

November stared at him and said, "I think it requires much further work to be viable for public use. You mentioned something about high death rates? That would be completely unacceptable."

The engineer sniffed and began to explain himself, feeling as though he had been attacked.

"Well, you see sir, we understand that we need to put further work into this and that the current death rate is pretty high, but isn't that the whole point of the Innovation Fair? We—"

At that moment, the pocket dimension began to shudder. November Aurastos confidently stepped outside as the engineer practically ducked and covered, and behind them the space collapsed inwards into a microscopic blackhole, quickly radiating away into nothing. The engineer stared back at where the space had just been, as if shocked.

"Your work shows promise, but as you can see, it's highly unstable and even its basic prototype would lead to the death of many. Unfortunately, you will not be taking 1st prize at the Innovation Fair. I'll rate your pocket dimension… seven." said November.

The engineer simply eked out a "That's fair."

November leaned down and ruffled the shell-shocked man's hair. "See you later, kid. You did… adequately."
And with that, he turned on his heel and began to walk off, leaving the distraught engineer to face the newfound non-existence of his creation.

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