The Sisters Of Time
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After the universe had been born, and soon thereafter, the Shinari who would come to shape it, Shenshinar's grand creation remained stagnant.

The great beings had created something beautiful, something orderly, something balanced and protected from destruction and chaos. In their haste to protect everything from the Hux, they had neglected to realize something important. It was the Shinari Kenshi who first discovered this oversight, and brought it up with Shenshinar themselves.

"O Shenshinar, the many worlds which we have created are beautiful, but there is something we all seem to have forgotten in our haste!" she plead.

From everywhere and nowhere at once, the voice of Shenshinar spoke in return. "And what may this oversight have been, my child?"

"It all is beautiful, orderly, and safe, but what is the purpose of any of it? We are not here to create something merely to be ogled at and admired, or at least, I am not."

"And what do you propose should be done about this lack of purpose?"

The great Kenshi thought for a moment, which lasted eternity and the blink of an eye at once, and soon responded,

"We need to do something to instill meaning! We need something to break up this order! Let the Hux in — just a small trickle — and let us manage its development. I embody time itself, but without change, time does not exist!"

Shenshinar was silent for a time, and throughout the universe a great murmur of deep thought. Soon, they spoke once more.

"I agree, my child. Tell the others to gather with you, and create a small puncture in my side. A creation of perfect order cannot persist, and you are correct in suggesting that we need change."

Kenshi nodded and at once went off to rally the other Shinari, and soon the embodiments of Time, Space, Life, Death, Justice, Truth, and the Elements all worked together to wound their own creator.

"We're sorry, Shenshinar! Oh, so sorry!" they cried, in abhorrence at the thought of harming their own parent.

A deep laugh rumbled through the universe. "Do not worry, my children. I feel nothing more than a small prick. You may alleviate your fears."

A small trickle of Hux began to flow into the universe from the wound the Shinari had made in their creator's side. Kenshi quickly stepped forwards, and began to manipulate the Hux.

"What are you doing, Kenshi?" asked Astrahina, the embodiment of Space.

"Carrying out my end of the plan," was the simple response.

Kenshi weaved the Hux in many directions, and instructed the others to staunch the flow after a time. She continued her handiwork, and when she was complete, she unveiled her new creations to her brothers and sisters.

In the palms of Kenshi's hands, stood three new beings. The first Venari — the Sisters of Time. The Shinari crowded around and ogled the new creations, scaring them quite thoroughly. Kenshi shooed them away and explained.

"These are my first tools to help drive our beautiful creation to meaning. We did not come here to create a painting, we came here to create an ever-changing story. With these embodiments of Hux, and a small portion of my own spirit, I have created The Past, The Present, and The Future."

The three sisters, once they had gathered themselves, addressed their superiors and introduced themselves.

"My name is Shilqui," spoke the one on the left, "and I am The Past. I am everything that was, and I give meaning to everything that will be."

"My name is Shonqui," spoke the one in the center, "and I am The Present. I am everything that exists now, affected by both The Past and The Future."

"And my name is Sherqui," spoke the one on the right, timidly hiding behind her sisters. "I am The Future. I am everything that may exist in times to come, affected by both The Past and The Present. I am rather uncertain and my will can be changed at a whim."

The Shinari gave the new Venari a round of applause, and announced to their creator the advent their sister Kenshi had made. Shenshinar was proud, and rewarded Kenshi with sole authority over the Sisters of Time.

Kenshi was proud of herself, and eagerly awaited the times that would now come, and the ways they would change their beautiful creation. She addressed her daughters, the Sisters of Time, and told them to get to work.

And so, from that point on, the three Sisters of Time oversaw and continue to oversee the timeline of our universe.

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