The First Story
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Once upon a time, there was a little girl.

The little girl heard stories beyond her wildest imagination, and they inspired her to record them.

So the little girl learned how to read and write, and she learned how to bind books, and she recorded the stories she found in her mind. It gave her joy to complete something, joy that outweighed the stress of working on each one.

The little girl shared her stories with the rest of the people of her world, and they loved them. They loved them so much that they made each of her stories real.

All was well for a time, until not long after, the little girl realized her stories were quickly outnumbering everything else.

She loved her stories, and she loved telling them, and she loved the reception they garnered, but she also loved her people. She didn't want them to drown in the sea of her imagination.

So the little girl learned how to think beyond the boundaries of her world, and she gave her stories a place to be.

A place where they wouldn't affect her daily life and the lives of everyone around her.

Would this solution be enough? She didn't know.

The end.

But it wasn't over yet. In truth, this story is only beginning.

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