The Great Dragon
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Once upon a time, there existed a Tree.

The Tree, which grew at the center of the world, spread the power of Magic throughout and imbued all of Orium's creatures with arcane power.
There was turmoil for a short time, as the once-peaceful inhabitants of the world grew accustomed to their new abilities.

But soon, the creatures began to hatch a bright idea: perhaps they should end all the needless fighting, and work together to take control of The Tree which had changed their lives?

The Tree, sensing it was in danger, fashioned from its own sap the form of a Great Dragon. The Great Dragon became a diligent protector of its creator, and fended off the forces of the world's armies to keep the source of Magic intact.

Disheartened, the people of Orium gave up their fight, and returned to their peaceful lives, now altered by the presence of The Tree… or so it had seemed.

All was well for a while, and The Tree needed not protection. The Great Dragon soon grew restless. Lonely, it implored The Tree for another of its kind. Begrudgingly, The Tree agreed, and the Great Dragon and its newly fashioned partner began the era of dragons.

The dragons, being made of the pure magical sap of The Tree, were much more in tune with the Magic that had changed Orium forever, and quickly realized they were far stronger than any of the mortal beings of the world. They sought to use their power to change the world, but in what way, they could not agree.

The dragons split into two factions; one that sought to destroy all mortal life, and one that sought to lift them higher.

The two factions were kept in check for centuries by the will of the two Great Dragons, who wanted not more needless fighting among their own kind. But the tides of time would wear on, and soon enough the partner of the original Great Dragon fell ill, and she shortly perished.

The scale was now weighted in the direction of Arrogance.

The people of Orium soon found themselves subjected to the will of dragonkind. For many decades, life on Orium was hellish. But the people would not tolerate such abuse for much longer.

One day, a hero rose up. His name was Sir Gordon Geissler I, and he was a brave knight belonging to a kingdom long lost to time.

He set off on a quest across the countries of Orium, sailing over seas, ducking through bramble, and horse-riding through the plains. On his journey, he encountered much opposition from dragons who wished to prevent him from reaching his destination.

They could tell from the determined glint in his eye, he had but one goal in mind: the slaying of the Great Dragon.

Sir Geissler I slew them all with unyielding fury, and carried on with his quest. His progress was never impeded for more than one night, and quickly he came upon The Tree.

"Why have you come here, brave traveler?" growled The Great Dragon, as it noticed his approach.

"To slay you, of course." replied Sir Geissler I, frank as could be.

"Such a concise response," purred The Great Dragon, as it circled around its prey. "Are you absolutely sure that that is the right thing to do?"

"Your kind has tortured mine own for decades, Dragon," said Sir Geissler I, "Your tyranny comes to an end today."

"Then so be it," snarled The Great Dragon, as it swiped at the brave knight.

Their battle dragged on for twelve days and twelve nights, carrying them several miles north of The Tree, out into the stony plateaus. Several times throughout the fight, it seemed as though one or the other had come out on the top. The debacle drew many a crowd of fey spectators from the magical forest that grew around the base of The Tree, each taking careful measures to stay out of sight.

It seemed that the battle would wear on forever, and that the ceaseless offense of Sir Geissler I and the impenetrable defense of The Great Dragon would soon come to mark the passing of Perennium and Chalcum in the sky.

Though, remarkably, the brave knight won the fight, and toppled The Great Dragon over with ease upon the dawn of the thirteenth day.

"Well done, hero…" The Great Dragon trawled, "You have bested me in an honorable fight… Do with me as you would."

Wordlessly, Sir Geissler I sliced the head of The Great Dragon, and it fell with a thunk to the cold, hard ground.

The reign of dragons came to an end. Satisfied, Sir Geissler I returned home, and his success was celebrated for a fortnight.

When The Great Dragon's corpse had fully decayed, Sir Geissler I returned to the scene of the battle, and gathered a team of men from his kingdom to help him take apart the skeleton of the ancient beast.

They spent many tireless months dissembling the bones of the wretched creature, and constructed a fine castle out of the ivory. This castle became the centerpiece of the Capital of Sir Geissler I's new country, Vimana, built around the corpse of The Great Dragon he had slain in order to release the world from the tyranny of the dragons.

They lived happily ever after.

The end.

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