The Hux, and Alephir's Illegitimate Children
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As you all know, our world has recently been visited by beings from another world, who have been planted here in our societies and who struggle to survive in our harsh and unfamiliar environment. There is an explanation for the existence of these offworlders who have now asserted themselves into our lives, but in order to understand it you must first understand the origins of the universe.

Much as the old sayings go, in the beginning, there was nothing. Our universe, at the dawn of its inception, was nothing but a swirling pool of primordial chaos we call The Hux. Floating adrift the Hux was the body of the first Great Being, Shenshinar. It is unclear what exactly happened to spark this incident, but at one point before the beginning of time, Shenshinar became conscious of their own existence and the existence of the Hux around them.

Through their subconscious will to create, our universe was born within the body of Shenshinar. One could argue that we are but a figment of their imagination. Everything inside of Shenshinar is everything that there is, and it is all built from the Hux. Mortals and gods alike were born from Shenshinar’s imaginative workings of the Hux, and all of space and time was born also from this chaos.

The Hux is a peculiar force, in that it continues to exist to this day, and acts as a catalyst for change. We use the Hux to explain every new and unfamiliar discovery, as well as every sudden change to our way of life. Though we are humble to admit it, we believe that our belief in the Hux makes us much more tolerant than others of our kind.

However, the Hux can also be an incredibly destructive force. Not all change is for the better, and if too much changes all at once the Hux may swallow Shenshinar and everything we have ever known shall return to nothing.

Drecmos is the main driving force of the Hux, for he can will it to consume the universe and return us to chaos. A product of Shenshinar’s subconscious mind, Drecmos exists to whisper terrible things into their ear and drive them to the point of taking their own life in an effort to destroy all creation. Through our worships of Shenshinar, we do everything we can to give them the motivation they need to hold Drecmos at bay.

Now, I believe I have rambled enough about the origins of everything and the things which threat its existence. Let us move on to the main point of this message: understanding who the Capricians are, where they came from, and why they are not a threat to us.

Our world has its own ensemble of gods, born from various reasons. Some were created by Shenshinar for the purpose of watching our development, some were created by Pandelta for the purpose of filling in roles that we deemed necessary, and some were created through necessity alone, by some unknown force that may very well be the Hux itself.

The most notable God we know of that was created out of necessity is the god Alephir. According to our beliefs, he is an avatar of the Hux who was created out of our fear of the unknown. It is his job to cause imbalance in the “natural order” of things, in order to change things for the better and show us that things we don’t understand aren’t that scary after all.

His role is notably different from Drecmos in that he doesn’t intend to destroy the universe and get rid of order entirely; he simply causes slight disturbances to shake things up every now and then.

Alephir is also our god of natural instincts, who is associated with the Wilds, and it is our belief that all of the animals on this world are his own illegitimate children. This is where the existence of the Capricians comes into play.

We believe that the Capricians are illegitimate children of Alephir and the gods of Ranes, the world which deposited these strangers upon our planet. They have no culture of their own, as they were only recently created, and they exist to teach us all a lesson: that we need to be more tolerant of other races and acknowledge the fact that other people exist in this universe, whom we are not superior to.

It is thus our duty to take in the Capricians as our own, raise them alongside us, and give them the culture and history that they lack, so as not to disappoint Alephir, the Hux, and Shenshinar themselves. We take your lesson in stride, Shenshinar. Praise be to you, our eternal home.

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