The Mechanisms of a Portal Generator
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Notice from The High Pagemaster:
This documentation was recovered from the Universe C-Phi-9, and is suspected to be authored by the inter-dimensional traveler Gan Faltimer.

Aurastian Portal Generators are generators that create gateways to spaces within the same or another universe. They do not simply create or open wormholes, and instead use a mechanism that is "least damaging" to the fabric of space.

Wormholes, blackholes, singularities, and other gravitational or spatial anomalies that allow for quick transport are very inefficient and damaging. They punch a hole straight through the fabric of space, causing damage to structural integrity that spreads across the whole universe. Think of the fabric of space not as a fabric, but as a sheet of bulletproof glass.

Spatial anomalies can be thought of as miniature holes left by bullets, and they spread "cracks" around them. Too many holes and cracks, and the whole thing falls apart. Luckily, bulletproof glass is very durable and can survive a great number of gunshots before the whole thing collapses, much like the fabric of space. But it is still not very wise to punch holes in it.

Aurastian Portal Generators on the other hand, do not punch holes in the fabric of space in the way spatial anomalies do. Rather, they access and open up pre-existing weaving tunnels that avoid the intricacies and pressure points of the fabric of space, allowing a path to be opened between universes or within the same universe while causing minimal damage to the fabric of space as a whole.

These paths of energy criss-cross entire universes and many of them travel off into other universes.

It is possible to siphon a great deal of things from these weaves as well. You can siphon simple electrical energy from them, you can siphon magical energy from them to empower your spellcasting, and you can siphon creative energy from them to give you new ideas and thoughts that you never would have thought of on your own. Some argue that all these types of energies are actually by-products or variations of one primordial energy source that flows through the weaves.

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