The Worldweaver's Dream
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The vision opens with a blank canvas.
An unseen hand pulls out a bottle of ink and a quill, and starts to draw.
We pan in and we see an ink-rendered landscape zooming beneath your perspective, before landing on a small town and panning up to the sky, where a giant ball of scribbles is descending.

The vision goes black for a brief moment. You hear a woman's voice say the following.

"The Eccentric Puzzle. The Storming Justice. The Ambitious Inferno. The Curious Eloquence. The Remorseful Culprit. The Heralded Light."

As these names are said, black and white ink drawings appear that seem to represent each one.
First, there is a jigsaw puzzle being solved by a man who seems to be noble in appearance.
Then, a storm of great magnitude, with a figure in the distance holding a scale.
Next, a raging blaze of fire, licking at a crown fit for a king.
This is followed by an image of an owl hooting at night, whilst a cricket chirps in the background.
And then, there is an image of a man standing at a funeral, mourning a loss. He stands up with a determined look on his face, and walks out of sight.

The last image you see is at night. There is screaming and shouting in the streets. A mob of people runs by with torches and pitchforks in hand. The scene is pure chaos, and as the vision continues a bright light slowly but surely appears from over the horizon. The world stops and admires the sunrise.

The voice continues.

"In the world's time of greatest need, these are the ones who shall save us all. Before the sun can rise, the moon must fall. The Heralded Light will pierce the darkness. When The Light starts to shine, the others will follow, and the world's suffering will come to an end."

At the end of the dream, the unseen hand pulls out a needle and thread and binds all of the previous scenes together into a book, the title of which you just barely miss before you wake up.

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