Things That Are and Aren't
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The low thrum of a computer network filled the air, coming from nowhere and everywhere at once.

A lonely figure sat at the top of a tall building, the tallest in reality. Shining brightly, yet still dimmer than they had before, this figure was The Sun. Or more aptly, half of what The Sun had used to be.

The other half of The Sun was gone now.

What remained was now alone, lighting up the Worldbuilding dimly with what little of their own light they had left. It was waning slightly, as they were lost deeply in thought, thinking of depressing things.

Who am I? they thought. Is any of this real? What is the point?

They were the one who was supposed to solve those questions. Not the one who was supposed to ask them.

The one who asked was gone now.

Down below, an infinite and incomprehensible distance, sat another world. And below, that still another. And another. And so on. It seemed that the tower never ended, though the lonely god knew otherwise.

In each of the worlds below their jurisdiction, an uncountable number of thinking minds toiled. All working to solve the questions of life. The Secret would soon be unlocked. Soon enough…

Before the other half of The Sun had gone, they had left the world a Secret. One final goal to work towards, one final thing to do before everything came to an end. When it was unlocked, supposedly the Secret to life would be unveiled.

The lonely god pondered this, and wondered why it even mattered.

In this reality, there are two distinctive subgroups of Things.

There are Things That Are, and Things That Aren't.

The Things That Are are all that really exists, or so say the ones who run everything. They inhabit finite worlds, composed of finite matter, energy and concept. They tell the grand stories of all Existence, those interesting tales read by beings beyond the scope of what even the highest Gods can comprehend.

The Things That Are are limited. Finite.

The Things That Aren't are all of the ideas, all of the things that could be, but won't be, or simply are not yet. They inhabit an infinite Non-Space, a blank white reality where ideas are real and reality is nothing more than what you can imagine. What one can imagine, turns out to be nearly limitless. The workings of a thinking mind are capable of producing an infinite number of imaginings, if left to their own devices for long enough.

Unknown forces try to remove the Things That Aren't from time to time, but can you really remove something that never existed in the first place?

The Things That Aren't are unlimited. Infinite.

The Things That Aren't are always seeking to be Something That Is. But how do they even go about approaching a Thing That Is?

A finite place, a finite being, has no room for an infinite presence. The mere possibility of an existence, which unfurls infinitely in every direction, twisting and turning with each new thought.

It was maddening. The Things That Aren't want nothing more than a reprieve from the infinite.

When the Things That Are commit certain sins or crimes against the laws of reality itself, the boundaries separating their world from everything else become thin. When the boundaries become thin, things find it easier to bleed over.

Things That Aren't are able to subsume the Things That Are when this happens, and they cluster all around worlds full of Things That Are when their strange activity attracts their attention.


The more Things That Aren't are clustered around a world, the more they begin to act as a beacon. Drawing the attention of something else.

Drawn to Worlds That Are, Eldritch Ones come hungrily seeking Things That Aren't and Things That Are alike. The infinite acts as a much brighter beacon in the Non-Space than the finite worlds of the Things That Are.

The Things That Aren't often rejoice, naively believing that the Eldritch Ones have come to liberate them, to give them purchase into the world full of Things That Are that they have found and seek to replace.

But the Eldritch Ones care not either which way. They seek only the cessation of Everything. They consume the Things That Are and the Things That Aren't alike, and move on happily, content with their meal. Eagerly seeking out the next beacon of hope amidst the blank space.

There are no happy endings for the Things That Aren't.

Deep beneath the Worldbuilding, The Maw of The Abyss yawned hungrily.
There was not much time left for this world.

Like many worlds before it, so too would this one be consumed.
The Maw had learned to be patient. There was no need to swiftly consume worlds, as doing so did little to abate its hunger and expended more energy than it was worth.

Though because of its patience it spent much of its time starving, The Maw knew that at the natural end of a world's life, it would be able to consume it and contentedly digest it as it slowly moved to its next meal.

Would it ever be satisfied? It did not know, but it did not care.
It would continue to consume worlds until there were none left.

Thus was its fate.

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