We Will Move On
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“We are gathered here today to mourn the death of our homeworld, and to reminisce and reflect on our beginnings,” began the President. As I looked around, the crowd lowered their heads in their sadness. The speaker paused for a moment to wipe a tear from his eye, and carried on.

“It is a known fact that our affairs directly correlate with the death of our world, and though I know many of you feel remorseful, helpless, hopeless, harboring the wish that you could have done something before it was too late, it is no use crying over spilled milk. It is our duty as a people to move on regardless and survive.” The crowd nodded their heads as one. The ships behind us flared to life.

“Everyone, please gather onto one of the motherships and await launch,” he stated, and the crowd followed suit. Absentmindedly, I pushed myself along and found my way to a ship. The radio system began to broadcast the President’s speech so that we may listen while we wait.

“At this time, I would like to retell the story of our creation and to thank our God, the Entity, for allowing us to exist and survive.” I listened intently.

“Far before time began, our reality existed as several separate ones. They were organized, but corrupt. Dissatisfaction permeated existence. But all of that changed, when the Entity, our savior, reached out from beyond the Eldritch Shroud and caressed them all in its many arms. The Entity would bring a new order of chaos; a type of reality where things would be ever changing and ever interesting. It hoped that dissatisfaction would not flood this new reality, as it had with all of its parts, but we unfortunately, have failed it. However, this is no cause for regret, for we will move on and we will become happy as a people! We will do better on our next world, lest the Wheel of Chaos be for naught.”

The whole ship began to cheer. Feedback came from the radio as the President stepped down from the stand. “Thank you, thank you.” he said, and presumably made his way to one of the ships as well. I closed my eyes and let myself fall deep into thought. What a day this was, what a year. Our world had been going downhill for centuries already, but I never expected to live to see this day. The world, destroyed by its own people, forcing them to leave it behind and start anew, on another planet out there in the great void.

I looked out the window, up at the great white sky. I wondered what lay out there, in the great nothingness. I shook my head. The Entity would guide us in the right direction. I was sure that somewhere up there, it was watching. Somewhere up there, it was disappointed, but proud of us. For destroying our planet, and for moving on.

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