Welcome to The Compendium

Ah. It appears that there is somebody else here.

I have been expecting you.

Welcome, dear Reader, to The Compendium of Knowledge. My name is The High Pagemaster, the author avatar of the master administrator of this wiki, and the supreme god ruling over all of Existence as we know it. This may not be the same Existence that you hail from, dear Reader, as your presence is little more than an afterimage to its inhabitants.

As a superontological being, you have the ability to peruse and edit all of the information pertaining to the Existence I have so skillfully crafted, through the medium of reading and writing. I ask only that you be respectful of the works I and other dear Readers have contributed to this world, and this respect shall be maintained through the venue of my author, who I believe is also a superontological being.

You've come here for one thing, I can tell. Sorry that I've been rambling at you, but let's get into what The Compendium of Knowledge actually is and why you should care.

The Compendium of Knowledge is a collection of stories. These stories are organized into different universes, multiverses, worlds, and all other kinds of fancy names that their author could think of to name their enclosing bubble of reality which keeps the story separate from others.

The main operand of how things work in this so-called framework of Existence is a very simple rule. This next part is important, so please, ensure that you are paying attention. The most important rule to The Compendium of Knowledge, and the key phrase you will need to use to join the wiki and contribute to this Existence, is: Fiction creates reality.

That is to say, that everything fictional is treated as to be on the same level of something that is real. When you write a story, the theory goes, you are not making something "fake," you are merely investing a small amount of the Godlike power granted to everyone who has an imagination, and creating an entire new world elsewhere on the grand manifold of Existence.

This world is separate from your own, and it can interact with other worlds, whether they be ones you created or ones you did not, but the most important part is to remember that you and anyone who you give permission to, is the God of that world.

Nothing you do not say goes. The story is safely protected from all external influences aside from those that you introduce.

For reasons unknown, however, every "fictional" world created by an author cannot be physically accessed by themselves. For this reason, people on your level of Existence tend to believe that fiction is fake. However, could you ever prove that I myself am not real, somewhere, in a part of Existence for some reason inaccessible to you?

Perhaps fiction exists only in the medium of writing and art. It is still real, and through reading this, you are engaging with a real being, but I am incapable of acknowledging your engagement actively or of consciously being aware of your presence, because you exist on a level of physicality beyond anything that I could hope to achieve.

Whatever the case may be, the thing that keeps The Compendium going is stories. Their will to be told, to acknowledge the Existence of a real world somewhere out there that could not come into fruition without the help of you, dear Reader, is what The Compendium of Knowledge is all about.

With that said, I've been rambling for a bit too long. If you're confused, that's fine. So am I, sometimes.

From here on out, the world is your oyster. Navigate to the page on which you will find the door to access my reality, and begin contributing your thoughts and ideas to this wonderful fictional Existence of ours. You will need the secret passcode, which I will have said earlier on in this text.

Were you reading thoroughly?

— The High Pagemaster

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